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What is StoryShop?


StoryShop is the best book, series, and world planning platform in the galaxy. It combines outlining, beat planning, and world-building into a powerful, yet simple to use package.

Why the Emphasis on World-Building?

Imagine the book as just the beginning. The book is the trunk of the tree while the StoryVerse extends infinitely into the sky and beneath the ground via the branches and the roots of the tree. The book is the tip of the iceberg that extends infinitely beneath the crystal waters of the StoryVerse.

Lavish settings, rich backstories, flourishing cultures, and developed technologies are all waiting to burst into your readers’ imaginations, but how can they unless you invite your readers inside your Verse?

We’ve built StoryShop to do just that. Map out multiple stories. Map out multiple series! Build your world with character and element cards that auto-generate a wiki as you write. Track the use of every element, even if they’re being used by other writers.

Who and Why is StoryShop?

Independently of each other, the Storytellers at Sterling and Stone and the dreamers at Fiction Vortex came to the realization that writing tools where no longer keeping up with the evolving needs of writers.

Worlds are getting bigger. Readers expect new books faster. And what about collaboration? How could we possibly write so much content and plan such massive worlds without smarter tools to help us plan, map, build, and collaborate on our stories?

Fiction Vortex from the North, and Sterling and Stone from the South, we have converged around StoryShop and turned it into the most robust and yet simple-to-use story planning and world-building tool out there.

Why so much yapping about

Community and Collab?

Storytelling was never meant to be a solitary experience. The storyteller has an audience, after all. These days, it’s nearly impossible to deliver a story to your audience by yourself. From beta readers, to editors, to designers, to actual cowriters, lots of people can help you craft your story better and deliver it to a hungry audience faster. It’s time for our writing tools and platforms to take into consideration our collaborative needs.

As for community, well, we can’t really write effectively about people unless we spend some time getting to know a few. We need each other. In our current social climate of isolation and alienation, we need each other more than ever. We storytellers have a voice that can be used to empower minds, expand worlds, and entertain brains. StoryShop is all about amplifying that voice. That brings us to our manifesto on Pirate Publishing and our project, #JoinTheStory. Read on, if you dare!

NOTE: The daily writing prompt aspect of #JoinTheStory has concluded, but we’re still all about empathy and empowering minds and expanding worlds!


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