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StoryShop is a better way to create your stories.

See how simple it is to build worlds, create story beats, and write your book:

StoryShop streamlines your writing.

Whether you’re a planner or a pantser, you’ll find everything you need to plan, write, and finish your novel in one simple, intuitive tool.

  • Story Planning

    Build your outline as you pants your draft or plan your whole story before you start writing.

  • Writing

    Write your story with your research nearby in one easy-to-reference place.

  • Character Development

    Manage characters’ appearance, relationships, and detailed backstories.

  • Series Bible

    Maintain characters, locations, and detailed research for your entire series.

  • Research

    Keep all the information, images, timeline details, and links together in one easy-to-reference place.

  • Bonus Tools

    StoryShop comes with story templates, Character DNA questions and plans for dozens more features in the works.

StoryShop App StoryShop App

Made by writers, for writers.

The storytellers at Sterling & Stone have built their livelihoods on producing great stories, fast. StoryShop helps them keep track of their worlds, plan their stories, and focus on writing.

  • Sean Platt

    Sean Platt

    (Beats Master)
    After 100 books, we needed to streamline our process. I dreamed about what might be possible, but never imagined those dreams were only the beginning.
  • Johnny B. Truant

    Johnny B. Truant

    (Mad Scientist)
    I get lost trying to remember the details of the worlds I create: who knows whom, what does this character look and speak like, what are the rules surrounding XYZ in my story world? StoryShop solves all those problems.
  • Johnny B. Truant

    David W. Wright

    (Tortured Artist)
    Such easy, intuitive access to world and character details without ever leaving the app – it’s the game changer I’ve been waiting for in story creation.

The StoryShop Plans

Have no fear…

Try StoryShop risk free — you can view or export your work any time, even if you’ve cancelled your subscription. No matter what investment you’re ready to make, your story is safe with StoryShop.

  • StoryShop Lite

    Get a FREE 7-Day All-Access Pass, and keep free access to StoryShop’s Writer tool!


  • StoryShop Pro - Yearly

    Get story templates and advanced planning, character development, and worldbuilding features, plus write UNLIMITED books and series!


    Per Month paid yearly
  • StoryShop Pro - Monthly

    Use StoryShop’s full toolbox on a month-to-month basis and cancel any time.


    Per Month

Features Included In This Subscription

StoryShop Features Lite Pro
Story Writing
Write your book from start to finish or scene by scene, and rearrange until your story sings.
Up to 3 Stories
Writer +
Unlimited Stories!
Up to 3 Stories Unlimited Stories!
Story Export
Save snapshots and export your book for formatting as a print or eBook.
Writer +
World Building
Keep detailed images, blueprints, maps, and descriptions of your world at your fingertips.
Writer +
Character Profiles
Develop backstory and keep track of relationships with in-depth social-media-style profiles. Use Character DNA to get to know them even more.
Writer +
Story Elements
Scout locations, collect blueprints and maps, and keep all your research at your fingertips for every series.
Writer +
Beats Export
Export your work in OPML or TXT format for import into other applications.
Writer +
Writer +
Starting at $8.25/mo**recurring subscription, billed in one annual payment
FREE! Starting at $8.25/mo**recurring subscription, billed in one annual payment

Once Upon a Time

The storytellers at Sterling & Stone Story Studio know all about writing great stories, quickly. They’ve published over 10 million words – 100 books – since 2011. Like most modern indie writers, they wanted to write faster while continuing to improve their craft and to weave deeper, more meaningful stories and series. When they started looking for the perfect way to keep track of their many story worlds, nothing quite fit. So they decided to design the tools they needed.

A dream comes true

Sterling & Stone thrives on sweeping, detailed story worlds. But remembering all the details and jumping from world to world and book to book started to create challenges. We dreamed of one place to track everything within each series – characters, locations, timelines, and plots.

We sat down and dreamed up a list of everything we needed – and everything we wanted. With the development team in place, we quickly got to work designing the perfect app to help writers spend more time in their stories and less time wrangling research.

And as we started to see the application come together, we knew we needed to share it with our community of indie authors.

We wanted to share it with you.

What StoryShop is

Using StoryShop isn’t about diving in and learning a new app. Quite the opposite. When you step into StoryShop, you’re entirely focused on your world and the characters who inhabit it.

StoryShop’s Character DNA tool helps you figure out what motivates them, why they think they way they do, and how they react to the world around them.

And StoryShop offers you the tools to bring the world around them to life, building lush forests, stark moonscapes, or thriving cities. Create an ornate palace fit for a king, a run-down tenement flat for a determined heroine to overcome her circumstances, or even a simple, ordinary suburban home that hides a dark secret. With StoryShop, you can create anything you can imagine.

And then you can write limitless stories and series within each world, with reference materials available at the click of a mouse, regardless of which story you’re dreaming in.

How StoryShop works for you

StoryShop values your personal style and your writing priorities.

It keeps your details organized, but it’s not prescriptive. You can dive deep into an individual character’s background or travel across your expansive universe, and StoryShop will keep what you need at your fingertips as you pour out your ideas.

If you prefer to pants your stories, you can fill in the details as you learn them, creating character sheets and outlines as you go and helping you put it all in order as you edit. If you know you’ll write faster with a solid plan, then you can invest your time creating that detailed outline in StoryShop. It’s a breeze to create scenes (we call them beats), and then move them around, reorganizing chapters to make your story more dramatic or compelling.

And whenever you’re ready to start writing (whether that’s Day 1 or after your world is totally fleshed out), StoryShop allows you to seamlessly reference your story details, research, or outline without ever breaking your workflow.

With its clean, modern, intuitive interface, you won’t spend weeks (or hundreds of dollars) learning how to use another new application. With StoryShop, you can dive in and create your first character, location, outline, or chapter in seconds.

With StoryShop, you will:

  • Create deeper, more relatable characters
  • Build intricate worlds
  • Develop airtight plots
  • Write stronger, more structured stories
  • Keep track of all your story’s details
  • Avoid distractions and stay focused with your research in one place

Stop wasting your precious writing time chasing character sheets, location maps, or looking up key details from earlier books in your series.

Invest your energy in writing better stories faster with StoryShop!

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