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“A writer is a world trapped in a person.” ~Victor Hugo


Build. Plan. Collaborate.

“The best fiction writing software of 2019.” ~ Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur


Dive into your World

Immerse yourself into 36 world building categories with customizable description fields.

Harness the Power of World Building

Use tags and track appearances to coordinate rich and complex worlds.

Down to the DNA

DNA questions challenge you to think like your characters and go wherever they go.

Add Pictures and Relationships

Bring your vision to life with images, and map your world with relationships between characters and places.


Plan, Order, Reorder your Ideas

Whether you are a pantzer or planner, use our “Beats Mode” to organize and access your thoughts according to your personal flow.

Chapters and Scenes

Organize at a high level and/or dig into the dirt. Never fear changes; every section can be dragged and dropped.

Notes and Summaries

Outline as much or as little as you like. Leave convenient notes for yourself or for collaborators to guide the drafting process.

Leverage Templates

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Start with a classic pre-built template for a jump on creating the perfect story arc.


Eliminate Distractions and Focus

Escape unwanted noise in distraction-free mode while still having quick access to critical world details and plot points. Get into your flow and stay there.

Take your Ideas to the Next Level with Collaboration


Craft a better story by inviting others to apply their unique skillsets to the process.


Share your world and improve it with collaboration

Craft a better story by enabling yourself to focus on what you do best while inviting others to apply their unique skillset to the process.

Find the Resources You Need

with StoryShop University

Always free. Always quality. Always fresh.


Any Time, Any Place

No matter when the inspiration hits, or where your process takes you, access your content via the cloud and pound out the words before they escape.

What Fellow Writers are Saying


Don’t take our word for it. StoryShop is the word on the street.


What fellow writers are saying

Don’t take our word for it. StoryShop is the word on the street.

The trial pro version of StoryShop enabled me to quickly upload some twenty manuscripts from my morgue drawer-some going back 20 years or more.

I am now an enabled, loyal customer with an entirely new lease on my creative and professional work as a writer.

Dr. Patrick Maher

Dr. Patrick Maher

I have connected with StoryShop in a huge way. It took me a few minutes to figure out my way around and now I feel right at home. It is clean, modern and free of distractions. Easy to move around scenes and chapters, or hide them when I just want to write. Thank you for offering this as a Camp NaNo special!

Happy Camper

Happy Camper

Anonymous NaNo user

If there’s any software out there specializing in world creation that’s better than StoryShop… I don’t know about it. They offer 36 different world building categories with completely customizable tags and descriptions. You can harness these descriptions together to ensure you don’t miss any plot holes.

Dave Chesson

Dave Chesson

The Kindlepreneur